How To Be a Presenter

Thank you for your interest in the First Friday Events sponsored by the Arts and Culture Committee of the Town of Woodside. We are delighted with the community’s enthusiastic response and the number of attendees at each monthly event.
The vision of the Committee is to entertain, engage, and educate with programs, acceptable for all ages, in the creative areas of, but not limited to, art, music, literature, local history, drama, dance, photography, horticulture, and culinary arts.

Our First Friday events aim to strengthen multigenerational community involvement in Woodside. We want to encourage local art, creativity, and cultural activities and showcase local creative talent.

If you are interested in being a First Friday presenter please fill out the application below. When the application is completed it can be submitted online OR print out the PDF and mail to Town Hall at 2955 Woodside Road OR email to: arts& (if you email please call for confirmation that we received your email)

First Friday program acceptance is decided by the Town of Woodside and the Arts and Culture Committee. Local residents will receive precedence as presenters.

We look forward to reading your application,

The Woodside Arts and Culture Committee

If you prefer to email or postal mail your application, please download the PDF here.